Accounting & Attestation Services

Troy W. Griffiths CPAs provides professional opinions on a wide range of accounting and other financial matters. Business owners and management use our services to help affirm financial results and operational effectiveness, which aid in reducing overall business risks. Troy W. Griffiths CPAs specializes in serving privately owned companies in a diverse range of industries and sizes—from start-up to multi-level enterprise. We utilize the foremost industry technologies and methodologies, allowing us to adhere to the highest quality practice standards.

An audit enhances the degree of confidence for those who use financial statements by providing the highest level of assurance allowed. The scope of an audit can include the full business or limited to a project-specific audit. Audits also provide management confidence that their organizational results are properly reported.

A review is substantially less in scope than an audit and takes less time, providing limited assurance on your financial statements. If you have an investor, lender, insurer or other third party seeking an evaluation of your financial statements, but doesn’t require an audit, then a financial statement review may be your answer.

For business that need help gathering and presenting financial information in compliance with a specified accounting methodology—without requiring assurance that your financial statements
are accurate—a compilation might be the best solution. Compilations can be performed on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis to help you stay ahead of potential financial reporting issues.

For businesses that require a level of assurance that is less than a detailed audit, but need additional assurance or procedures than traditionally performed during a review, an agreed-upon procedures engagement could be the solution. Following an agreed-upon-procedures engagement, you will receive the business information you need for a specific purpose in the format determined prior to the engagement.


For additional information regarding Troy W. Griffiths CPAs audit and attestation services, please contact us (link this to the contact us page) at (708)275-3585.