Tax Planning and Preparation

Troy W. Griffiths CPAs goal in providing tax planning and preparation services is to minimize our clients tax liability to the fullest extent allowed under current tax laws. As new federal and state tax laws are passed, issues effecting businesses and individual taxes are becoming increasingly complex. It is important that you receive the most informed advice available to ensure you implement the most beneficial tax planning strategies.

Troy W. Griffiths, CPAs is well-known for expertise in all areas of tax, working with clients in a wide range of circumstances and industries to develop forward-thinking individual, trust, and business-oriented tax planning programs. Our tax services are designed to assist you with any tax-related need, such as:

  • Determining the tax implications of significant transactions
  • Determining tax planning alternatives beneficial to various tax situations
  • Planning in family owned businesses and multi-owner businesses
  • Advising on the tax nuances of particular industries
  • Evaluating the impacts of operating businesses in many states

What differentiates Troy W. Griffiths CPAs from other tax preparation firms is the time and effort we take in learning our clients business and individual tax scenarios. We combine this knowledge with our
knowledge of federal, state and local tax laws to ensure our clients’ tax liabilities are calculated completely and accurately, resulting in the lowest tax liability allowed by law, while reducing the risk of negative regulatory audit results.

For additional information regarding Troy W. Griffiths CPAs tax planning and preparation services, please contact us (link this to the contact us page) at (708)275-3585.